What I’ve Been Up To

It’s been a busy summer! I’ve learned so much, working in a nail salon day to day. I am now CND Shellac certified. Wow, the nail art possibilities with Shellac are basically endless. Here’s a pic of a mani with Shellac that I am proud of, done for one of my clients before Denver Comic Con:

IMG_2651Red shirts and Galaxies. She met William Shatner and said it was a disappointment :/

If you are interested in seeing me for a manicure or pedicure, with or without Shellac or nail art, email me: extrabec@gmail.com !



We are just friends.

As my boyfriend pointed out last night, it’s a little early. Alas, Valentine’s Nail Ideas!  If you are interested in any of these, or have an idea of your own you would like to see on your tips, email me: extrabec@gmail.com !





IMG_2168I also got some cute and funny Valentine’s day cards. I got the pdf from an etsy shop called atlanticmo and they make me giggle! 

Seriously. Don't get any ideas.

Seriously. Don’t get any ideas.


Be brainy with your beauty.

I recently discovered a new blog that I absolutely adore. The Beauty Brains. It is run by a group of cosmetic scientists with much experience and knowledge. If you want to know about how or why your beauty products work or do not work, this is a great place to look. They produce a podcast (which I may be featured as a question asker on soon…) and have written a book. There is so much misinformation surrounding cosmetics. For a scientific perspective from actual scientists, check out this blog.

I’m now a licensed cosmetologist!

I passed my final state board exam today and received my cosmetologist license! I will be working, and I will start taking clients this Saturday. I am so relieved to have all of my requirements met and my license safe in my hands, and I am so excited to start working, taking clients, and sharing what I love!

If you like what you’ve seen on the blog, or have an idea you would like to try out, please go to thenestnailspa.com and book an appointment with me! I would love to see you there!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Now that I’m out of school, hopefully I will be blogging more!

My personal favorite, POOP nails. They didn't stay long, but I was amused the whole time I had poop on my hands.

Spring has sprung

I left my job about three weeks ago, I thought that I would be blogging more, but I haven’t had much to say. I now have a tumbr:


So check that out. I post pics of my nails, some you will see here, some you won’t. I also reblog nails, makeup, sci-fi and various things that amuse me.

Here are some nails I’ve been working on:

Chevron toes

Chevron toes

Orange nails with Zoya’s gold fleck top coat

Wearing my new prescription pervert sunglasses

Peacock nails

Gold nails with sweet Star Trek badge stickers that I got for Christmas from an amazing potential sister-in-law. I’m holding a tube of nicorette lozenges, a vice of mine.

Green and purple dots and stripes

pink and orange blobs on my right hand

and this weird design on my left. I was inspired by a puzzle piece, the complete puzzle was an elephant and a lion in a cage.

Eye of Jupiter nails done during an original Battlestar Galactica and no sleep marathon.

Fancy was impresses with my OG BSG nails, but mostly wanted to go to bed.

Cacti nails inspired my a picture I was somewhere in the interwebs.

Some ugly flowers.

My personal favorite, POOP nails. They didn’t stay long, but I was amused the whole time I had poop on my hands.

I am getting very close to being 50% finished with school! about 75 hours and 59 stamps (credits for each style, haircut, etc.)




Five Months’ Frenzy

Okay, so it hasn’t been much of a frenzy, but I liked the way it sounded. I have been busy, work, school, life in general. The dogs and Dan are awesome, keeping me grounded, happy and peaceful. I have had two of my clients at work pass away this winter, and a third has an injury he is unlikely to recover from. That sucks. As hard and stressful as working with adults with developmental disabilities can be, the absolute hardest and worst part of my job is seeing people I care about age so quickly and pass away. It is overall a very rewarding (emotionally) job, I wouldn’t trade some of the relationships I have had with some of the people I have worked with for the world.

On to more fun stuff! Since I last posted, I had my hair permed. I asked for a “Jew fro” and was kindly asked to not say that in school :) A perm is basically torture if you are tenderheaded like I am. I did like being able to tease up my hair and make it look all wild, but damn. Getting my hair pulled on with all the rolling, rinsing, and unrolling all while the fart smelling chemicals are reforming the disulfide bonds in my hair strands is not something I am likely to repeat. Once that started to grow out, I had it all chopped off. I have something between a pixie and a fauxhawk now. I was ready to chop it a while ago, but wanted to do the perm first. Since I wore my hair up so much of the time when it was long, it hasn’t felt like much of a change. The big difference is that my celebrity doppleganger is now Blanche Devereux from The Golden Girls, no longer Mrs. Garret from The Facts Of Life.

Alas, now the reason for opening up this laptop today: NAILS. I no longer have acrylics on. I received a UV lamp for Christmas and some Shellac polish I requested. I was very underwhelmed with the Shellac. It chipped easily, came off when I changed my polish and isn’t as hard as I would like. This week I got  a jar of CND Brisa Gel and so far am LOVING that on my nails! It is hard as a rock, my polish dries super fast over it, and it doesn’t come off when I use acetone to take polish off. I’ve also gotten to do Gel nails on a few ladies at school. It is so easy to use! I am loving so much more than acrylic powder nails. School has also given me a few opportunities over the past few weeks to practice nail art on some false nails glued to corn dog sticks. Prepare for the flood of pictures of corn dog stick falsies, as well as a few of my own fingers.

Circuit Board and unimpressive Wood Grain

Circuits on my hands

Royal Pain and KoiValentines Woo

More Loves <3

These were a surprising hit with my classmates

Laceish and Speder

Gingham Style


I have a toohtache and a eagerly awaiting my dentist appointment in the morning.

and lastly, my new hair did.

Thanks for stopping by!