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TMNT Nails

I painted my nails with one coat of Sally Hansen- Lickety-Split Lime and one coat of Milani- Green Glow and the result kept whispering “secret of the ooze” to me. So I made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nails, of course!


I used Sinful Colors- Call You Later to do freehand chevron tips. I applied rhinestones in the turtles’ colors on my digits and used the only turtle stamp I have, a sea turtle on my thumb. Top coat of course. The rhinestones lasted all through the next day at work, much to my glee!

SPACE space spac

Galaxy nails. The final frontier. This is the voyage of the galaxy art on my fingernails:

Galaxy nails in the work parking lot

There they are. Not too shabby for my first go. Want to do your own? It’s a little time consuming, but super easy and very pretty! All of the below steps are assuming you have already used a base coat and done a mani as you desire.

Step One: a coat or two of a dark background color. I used Navy.

I'm using a matchbook because I already did my nails and do not have a better tool for this use.

Simple enough, no? Let it dry, do a second coat if needed, let it dry also. Then,

Step Two: using a facial sponge, paint a strip of your galaxy base and stipple.

I used Revlon- Smoldering

Let that dry.

Step Three: take another color and stipple a smaller strip inish your last stippling.

Milani- Bijou Bronze

I used that teensy strip on the edge of the sponge. Let it dry, at this point you are using really light coats, so dry time shouldn’t be so bad.

Step Four: more stippling.

Sally Hansen- Infinity Band

I folded the sponge a bit, and used a light coat of polish to just add a little abstract sparkle.

Step Five: add a little glitter.

I used an art stripe polish in silver glitter, you could use loose glitter or stipple a touch of glitter.

I just sort of swirled some of the glitter polish. No exact technique is needed.

Step Six: planets.

I added some small planets/stars/whatev with a dotting tool. Sinful Colors- Tokyo Pearl


a few larger ones with a larger dotting tool and a franken I call Peony Pearl

Aren’t my dotting tools bad ass? They’re straight pins stuck in pencil erasers. Works like the real thing!


A spacetastic matchbook!

And there’s your spacecape. I found it easiest to do each step on each nail rather than completing one nail at a time. Don’t forget  a nice top coat to seal and shine it!

Full Sun
Inside, artificial light

Thanks for reading!


Hu buddy.


Chocolate Raspberry Nails

Saturday, I painted my nails with two coats on Sinful Colors – Dancing Nails, a metallic burgundy and topped it with one coat of Wet n Wild – Hanna Pinktana for some shimmer. They were pretty, but reminded me of what the ladies on the show Dynasty probably wore on their nails.

So last night, I did a half moon mani over that with Sinful Colors – Nirvana. I used hole punch reinforcement stickers to block off the part of the nail I didn’t want to paint.

They reminded me of chocolate raspberry truffles. Not bad, not really any less blah than what I started with. Then I thought to make them look more like candy!

Yeah. White drizzle style stripes. Meh.

So not impressed with this mani. Time to take it  off and start over fresh!


Hu Buddy.

Dirty Nails

I got a new stamping plate, which I will review later. Today I have the first mani I have done with that plate. I am very proud of this idea, despite the smearing that occurred when I used a top coat.

If you don't know what it means, don't google it.

Yep. It means what you think it does. I did it because it made me laugh. I wore it for two days and no one irl asked me about it or seemed to notice. I used Sinful Colors – Neon Melon and Revlon – Vixen and a Cheeky plate I will tell you all about soon.

The neon looks much more true to color in the first pic, taken under the florescent lighting in my basement than it does in the sunlight.

I submitted this as my Fan Foto Friday submission on Berry Polished’s Facebook page. She has had a great sense of humor about it, I was a little afraid it would be deleted and I would be blocked. if you don’t already, you should be reading her blog:  it is pretty great.


Hu buddy.

Pastel Stripe and Fake Nails

Oh man. I was not happy at all with my scrubby little natural nails. So I went and got acrylics done. Perhaps I will never have lovely natural nails. That’s ok, because I think my gaudy fakes are very pretty!

I had them done just clear, clear powder with clear tips and painted them when I got home. It’s some Minty Color Club polish that I don’t know the name to because I get them in sets at Ross and they are never labeled individually, the ring finger is Morning Star by Sinful Colors and the stripes are Barbie Pink by Max Cherimoya Magical Nail.

I am very pleased with my fake nails 🙂 however, I did smudge one whilst typing this. Alas, all that glitters is not gold.


Hu buddy.

Yellow Tulip Nails

I got this idea from one of the lovely pictures on Reddit. R/Laqueristas is a great community and resource for ideas and advice. It’s the place I go when I am feeling like an obsessed nail polish hoarder. Which I may be, but at least I’m not alone! BWAHAHAHAHA (maybe it’s polish fumes?)

Anyway, I did these free hand with yellow stripers I got for Christmas from Dan. I used yellow for the flowers and green for the little leaves, topped it with a coat of Sally Hansen – Glass Slipper. There are as always a good base and top coat as well.

That’s buzzfeed on my iPad making the glow. Probably not the best pic I could have taken, but I’m lazy. You can also see the damage left over from my acrylics. Which makes me want to go get acrylics again. Even when healthy, my nails do not have the strength to grow much past my fingertips, which is why I got acrylics in the first place.


Hu buddy.


Here is the place where I paint my nails, pretty much daily.


That’s Caesar on the rug. My sweet six-year-old Bichon Frise-Poodle mix.

This is a Micke, from Ikea. It’s filled with creams, nail care and art supplies.


This is is my Helmer, also from Ikea. It’s not as sturdy as the Micke, but holds most polish bottles ideally.

I’ve read online that it will hold about 600 bottles of polish. Mine is only half full. For now.

There is also a lap desk stored behind the Micke. It is very useful as a surface that I can use with out needing to be to neat with the polish and paint. This is really nice for stamping and glitter, which can make real messes.  There’s also a nice lamp right there that I can point right at my hands if needed. The rug is also to help prevent messes, it catches glitter, dropped brushes, or the overflow of the fancy european mud I soak my feet in every few weeks. So this is it, this is where the magic happens!


Hu buddy.

Lookie! I’m now a blogger!

Dan was sweet enough to get me a new-fangled web log, or “blog” as the kids say. Dan is my awesome boyfriend, and I am Rebecca, or extrabec. This blog will contain lots of pictures of my nail art, some reviews of cosmetic and beauty products, and maybe even pictures of people from the street with great style. So long as a dorky ginger asking for their picture to put on a blog is endearing and not creepy, that is. So keep coming by, and I’ll keep spilling my thoughts at you!


get your stinky feet out of my face, kiddo!