Monthly Archives: May 2013

Spring has sprung

I left my job about three weeks ago, I thought that I would be blogging more, but I haven’t had much to say. I now have a tumbr:

So check that out. I post pics of my nails, some you will see here, some you won’t. I also reblog nails, makeup, sci-fi and various things that amuse me.

Here are some nails I’ve been working on:

Chevron toes
Chevron toes
Orange nails with Zoya’s gold fleck top coat
Wearing my new prescription pervert sunglasses
Peacock nails
Gold nails with sweet Star Trek badge stickers that I got for Christmas from an amazing potential sister-in-law. I’m holding a tube of nicorette lozenges, a vice of mine.
Green and purple dots and stripes
pink and orange blobs on my right hand
and this weird design on my left. I was inspired by a puzzle piece, the complete puzzle was an elephant and a lion in a cage.
Eye of Jupiter nails done during an original Battlestar Galactica and no sleep marathon.
Fancy was impresses with my OG BSG nails, but mostly wanted to go to bed.
Cacti nails inspired my a picture I was somewhere in the interwebs.
Some ugly flowers.
My personal favorite, POOP nails. They didn’t stay long, but I was amused the whole time I had poop on my hands.

I am getting very close to being 50% finished with school! about 75 hours and 59 stamps (credits for each style, haircut, etc.)