Fall Leaves

This is my finished fall leaves mani.

I was very proud of them, but had to let a fellow student take them off and repaint them at school. The blessing/curse of learning manicures 🙂

Curious about how I did them? It was pretty easy, though time consuming.

Step one: take a gallon size plastic bag and paint spots of different colors. I used golds, oranges, reds, fall colors, you know!

Super high tech.

Step two: paint your base color. I used a shimmery periwinkley blue. Like the sky-ish.

Step three: once your painted baggie is dry, cut a color out, plastic and all.

 Step three: using a leaf shaped hole punch, take a punch out of the plastic and the paint.

Step four: take your leaf shaped punch and lay it, plastic up, polish down on your nail where you would like it. Press it down, and peel back the plastic and smooth the paint to the nail as needed. This is the hard part. It works best if the polish on your nails is still a little tacky, not wet enough to smudge, but not quite rock hard yet.

Step five: repeat as desired.

Step six: cover with a nice coat or two of top coat.

The beauty of this is you don’t have to wait for the leaves to dry, like with stamping, before your top coat. They won’t streak. It is a time consuming process, and the hole punch doesn’t like to punch plastic cleanly. I have been able to peel sheets of polish from my baggie before and just hole punch a sheet of polish, but I felt the plastic backing gave me a little better results. The leaves kept their shape better than they would have had I just punched them out of polish, because they were less likely to fold in on themselves. Want to see the finished mani again? I do.

I am holding a Sweet Secret. This collecting toys I had as a child phase probably has nothing to do with my upcoming 30th birthday.

 Happy Fall!

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