Stars in my eyes

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Mavis. You shine brighter than the stars at night.

So, the aforementioned Mavis and I were in Claire’s the other day, and much to her dismay, (she is alarmed at my cosmetics hoarding) I bought most of the Starstruck collection. Then I realized I was missing one, an ORANGE one none the less, so I HAD to order it online, of course. It came in the mail today, so now I feel complete. For the time being.

Left to right: orange – Little Dipper, green – Drops of Jupiter, blue – Moon Dust, purple – Cosmic, pink – Flying Saucer.

Lovelies, my precious!

They each have are filled with micro glitters with a duo/multichrome effect. Pink shifts to goldish, purple also has blue micro glitters and shifts pinkish, blue has a strong pink/purple shift, green shifts purple, and the orange is filled with yellowish micro glitters that shift green. As is the case often with shifty-style colors, it is much more pronounced in the bottle than on the nail. Please pardon my dry cuticles and half-assed clean up.

My middle finger is crooked. It’s genetic.

Despite the color shift not being as overt as one may wish, these are beautiful colors. The first coat goes on pretty sheer, the pictures show two coats each. I was pleased with the coverage of two coats, I can see some visible nail line in the pink, but not enough to be a problem in my opinion.

Left hand, less crooked middle finger.

This is a little blurry, but you make out the micro glitters I’m blabbing about, as well as the nail line on my ring finger.

All in all, I like these guys. Of course. I wish Mavis wasn’t so upset about it, but I guess it’s none of her damn business, really ;p

4 thoughts on “Stars in my eyes

  1. they will be surprise to know that, the purchase of your
    Starstruck collection make a total of 290 different colors of nail polish. that’s the reason am signing you up for My strange Addictions or Hoarding on TLC. i love whats you’ve done so far on the blog. keep it going… you

  2. Uhm, it is probably more than 290. :/ I would be surprised if that surprises any one really. Sign me up, I’m ready to argue the logic of my collection to any doctor, friend or family member 🙂

    1. a nail salon can take them off for you or if there almost cminog off or atleast away from your cuticul you can use a metro card idk wat state you live in/if you have them or no what they are but those work when i am trying to take my acrylic off

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